When you choose new tenants to move into your property, you need to think about the lease agreement you’ll sign with them. Be aware of any new laws so your rental lease agreements are legally compliant and enforceable.

Rental Lease Addendums: Bed Bugs

Certain addendums and notices need to be included with any lease agreement in California. A new requirement is an addendum on bed bugs. For the bed bug addendum, be sure to include language that reflects the tenant’s responsibility if any pests are brought into the home. Let the tenants know they are required to pay for the cost of extermination for bed bugs when they arrive with the tenants.  

Lead and Other Rental Lease Addendums

You need to have an addendum for lead. There’s a possibility that lead is present in any home built before 1978.

In addition to the addendums on bed bugs and lead, you need to include additional information in your lease. These should include a crime-free addendum, mold addendum, swimming pool addendum, and a pet addendum with information on the pet deposit that’s required and the responsibilities of tenants who own pets.

Rental Lease Agreements: Essential Information

A person handling the keys to the coupleAdd information about the house rules. Provide the location of waste containers, and let tenants know when it’s acceptable to put them out and when they shouldn’t be left out. Your lease should also discuss parking, and where tenants should and should not park. Make sure none of the parking interferes with fire lanes.

It’s critical to have the correct lease agreement and updated addendums for your property.  

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