Role in the Community

New Bridge Management is a property management company that manages the real estate portfolios of investors. Recently, the company was awarded the best property management company in the 209. The organization’s other accolades included the annual Reader’s Choice Awards and the Good Neighbor of the Year Award. But our success is not attained in a vacuum. We know that without the support of the community, we would quickly become another statistic of failed businesses. That is why being part of the community, volunteering on various non-profit boards and events, donating to causes and attending fundraisers is part of the company culture. We know our success depends on the community. The more we succeed, the more we can give back. The more we give back, the more support we will receive.

Last year New Bridge Management played a small role in helping raise over $800,000 in scholarships that directly impacted students. One Purpose was the fundraising event that took place during the month of September. The goal of the event was to bring the community together and raise one million dollars that would directly benefit the students. This year New Bridge Management will continue its support of this cause.

According to an article in the San Jose Mercury News, California Central Valley has the region with the highest farm revenue in the country. California’s agricultural industry produced $35 billion in 2011. Stanislaus County accounted for $2.5 billion dollars in farm gate revenue according the county report. Yet our region was rated among the top five U.S. regions with the highest percentage of residents living below the poverty line. Our region faces the mass exodus of 36,000 people who leave for work every day. Many take the long and fuel-expensive commute over the Altamont Pass for higher paid wages. Some experts believe the lack of economic diversity is the cause of poverty in the agricultural powerhouse.

College GraduatePart of the challenge in bringing in and retaining companies that pay higher salaries has been the lack of qualified candidates. But not all is lost. Companies such as Blue Diamond, Amazon and Hilmar Cheese have elected to invest in our region. So it is up to us to provide them with qualified candidates. One way to do that and to attract more companies with higher paying jobs is to increase the number of college graduates. Stanislaus County has 16.4% persons with bachelor’s degrees or higher versus the state’s 30.7% according to the Stanislaus County Community Profile. CSU Stanislaus’ One Purpose, dedicated university alumni and New Bridge Management are committed to this cause. We will work together to raise one million dollars for the sole purpose of providing scholarships to students so they may graduate.

If you are interested in helping us in our fundraising efforts by donating any amount of money, contact us at New Bridge Management. Together we can change lives.