Vendors to Count On

Property management is all about relationships. The connections between owners and tenants is a vital one for the success of the investment. Owners that take care of their investments can realize appreciated value of the investment over time. Tenants that pay on time and maintain the property contribute to the return on the investment. But these are not the only relationships that are vital to the success of a real estate portfolio. Vendor relations is imperative. Saving costs and delivering results are two of the most important aspects of the vendor relationship. At New Bridge Management we rely heavily on our relationships with our vendors and service providers when seeking to deliver results to our clients.

Numerous articles have been written on the challenges of evicting tenants. From speaking to other property managers in the area, it seems eviction rates in Stanislaus, Merced and San Joaquin counties are on the rise. With many self-help articles and court-provided assistance, tenants are informed of the process. Often, tenants receive judgement in their favor because landlords do not follow the process and become emotional during the eviction.

That’s why there are two companies upon whom we rely heavily for their knowledge and expertise when it comes to evictions. Get Out Now Eviction (GONE) is a Modesto based company that can handle everything from posting notices to collections. GONE provides timely service during the eviction process from the beginning to the end. Some of the services include posting notices, filing unlawful detainers, serving tenants, filing proof of service prior to court appearance and filing for a posting.

While many investors know the process and have handled evictions successfully on their own or with the courts’ help, there are many more out there that by missing a step have been forced to restart the eviction process. Unfortunately, by deciding to save costs, many landlords who are unfamiliar with eviction handle somethings emotionally rather than to the letter of the law, therefore costing themselves the case when it comes time to appear in court. For this reason alone, landlords should consider seeking the services of GONE Eviction if the need arises.

A pile of books and a judge's gavelThe Law Office of Paul Echols is another vendor partner upon whom we rely. Appearing in court is not something that can be or should be taken lightly. Knowing how and when to present information to the court can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. More importantly, having all the necessary documents organized prior to appearing in court could lead to the desired outcome. Paul Echols has been the reason why more cases of eviction have been ruled in our favor than not. As a property owner, landlords do not need council.

As property managers, however, we are required to have representation in court since we are Agents of owners. The difference between winning and losing can hang in the balance based on practical knowledge of how to present in court. Sometimes evictions are an unavoidable part of real estate management. But having the right expertise can make it easier. Contact us at New Bridge Management for a personalized, expert service.