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It isn’t very often that I write this articles in my personal voice. The reason I made the exception is that I can’t get something out of my mind. Recently, a friend shared a link with me. I clicked on the link, read the article and watched the video in horror. The video showed a landlord that was attempting to collect $200 in rent. Rent collection is a normal process of property management.

As residents lease properties with the expectation of quiet enjoyment in a habitable property, landlords expect to receive fair market rent for their investment. Since landlords have the expectation that residents will take care of their investment and pay their rents on time, residents have the expectation that if something were to breakdown as part of normal wear and tear, the landlord will make necessary and timely repairs. If these expectations were fully met, the rental world would almost undoubtedly be utopic. While this is often the case, there are times when expectations are not met, and relationships begin to unravel.

When tenants and landlords can’t settle their differences, legal actions proceed. The differences between landlord and tenants to mention a few things include non-payment of rent, not addressing habitability issues, not making timely repairs, not giving access to the property, etc. In order to protect both tenants and landlords, there are several laws in place. Knowing and understanding these laws is crucial since both tenants and landlords have rights. Violating these rights can create liabilities for both sides. Savvy landlords and property managers know how to reduce these liabilities.

rent collectionWhile it isn’t often that liabilities cause death, it could happen. The video that I mentioned in the beginning showed the landlord attempt to gain access to the unit. The video then showed the tenant shoving the landlord. The landlord fell backwards, hitting his head on the concrete sidewalk. This fall lead to his death. While rent collection is necessary, it is not worth anyone’s life. Know your rights and follow the law or hire a property manager that can help.