It’s fall, and there are a few things you need to do to prepare your rental property for the cooler weather. Of course, here in California, especially in the Central Valley, we do not get a lot of seasonal weather. There aren’t really four seasons; we only get about three seasons if we’re lucky.

But, it’s important to make sure that your property is ready for the fall season. As the weather begins to cool, you’ll want to check the property and pay attention to some specific things.

Check the Exterior of the Property

First, you must check the exterior of the home, which includes the trees and the general landscaping. You’ll find that most trees tend to drop a lot of their leaves, and the branches have to be trimmed back from the house. If there are high winds, the tree limbs and shrubbery can brush against the property. This can cause problems for the exterior of your home.

While you’re looking at the landscaping, make sure you get a ladder and go up to check that all the gutters are clean. As the rainy season starts, if the gutters are full and haven’t been cleaned out, the water will back up and penetrate under the roof. This could cause water damage to your property which will be expensive and difficult to repair.

Make sure to have the roof checked to look for any intrusion areas. It’s a good idea to get a two year roof certificate. Then, you know that for the next two years, your roof is in good shape, even for the rainy season. Having a professional inspect and treat the roof is a must-do on your fall maintenance list.

Identify any Cracks and Openings

It’s important to look for any cracks or openings on the property. During this time of year, rodents are going to begin moving into the home if they have the opportunity. If there are any cracks or openings, these rodents and pests will find their way inside and your tenants may not even realize it. They could get in under the home or between the walls, and that can create an infestation. Removing them will be expensive and difficult, so make sure all cracks and openings are sealed.

Weather Stripping for Better Conservation

Weather stripping is easy to overlook but also very important. This ensures that the property is as energy efficient as possible. By checking the weather stripping around the doors and windows, you are ensuring that the property is retaining its energy. The tenants will appreciate that you’re helping them keep their utility bills low.

Check and Service your HVAC System

HVACBe sure to check the HVAC system. We tend to get a lot of calls during the summer when the air conditioning doesn’t work. In the winter, a lot of strain is put on the heating. Make sure your system is checked and the filters are replaced.

These are just a few tips for how to get your property ready for the fall and winter. If you’d like to hear more, contact us at New Bridge