A magnifying glass in front of a red colored person icon between 2 more persons iconAs a landlord or property manager in the Modesto area, the best way to avoid a headache is to avoid a troublesome tenant and to have a solid lease in place. There are a number of ways to ensure that a tenancy relationship starts off right and ends well. Do not accept blind applications. This means prospective tenants should see the property before they submit an application. Once they have seen the property, a completed application must be submitted along with the application fee. In addition to the fact that application fee covers the cost of screening, it is a sign of their commitment to the property.

 Tenant Screening

Tenant screening should include credit screening, criminal background check as well as a past eviction check. The process is completed by income verification and past rental history check. These steps are very important since many online sites provide fake pay stubs. Do not rely solely on pay stubs. Call the prospective tenant’s employer and past landlord to verify income and rental history. Some landlords and property management companies do not go through the entire eviction process in order to save cost. Therefore an eviction may not necessarily appear on an applicants background check. However, a phone call to a past landlord will reveal a great deal.

Rental Lease Agreement

Once the application screening process has been completed, a solid lease must be executed. A good lease has some of the most basic information such as names of tenants, number of dependents, address of the property and the length of the lease. Make certain the lease covers every possible scenario that may come up during tenancy. Of course it goes out without saying that following state and federal laws is a must. Always make certain to review all of the terms of the lease with the tenant. Experience has shown that if left to tenants, the lease will not be read. Tenants will simply sign without knowing to what they have agreed. Ensure important areas are initialed as well as the bottom of every page. A final signature is a sign of a fully executed lease agreement. Every person living at the property should sign the lease agreement as the responsible party. Once the lease is signed, the security deposit and the agreed upon rent should be collected in full.

Walk-Through Inspection

The next step in ensuring a good relationship is conducting a walk-through at the property. It is imperative to meet the tenant at the property when keys are provided. Tenant and landlord can take an inventory of the condition of the premises. A checklist that is signed by both parties will avoid any questions regarding the condition of the property at the time possession is relinquished. Contact New Bridge Management in Modesto, Ca if you have questions regarding any of these steps. We can help secure tenants for your Stanislaus rental property.