You, as a renter have rights. In exchange for the money you pay, you have the right of possession and quiet enjoyment. This means the landlord may not enter your premises without your knowledge and permission. California law is very specific in this regard. Some of the reasons for entry include: in case of emergency, to make agreed-upon repairs or improvements, court ordered entry, tenant is present and consents to entry, and if tenant has moved out or abandoned the property. The landlord must give reasonable notice in writing before entering your premises and can only enter during normal business hours. The notice must state the date, approximate time and purpose of entry. The notice of intent to enter may be delivered in person, left at the unit with a person of suitable age or on the entry door in such a way that it is likely to be found or mailed to the tenant. The law considers 24 hours’ advance notice to be reasonable. However if the notice is mailed, mailing must be done six days before the intended entry to be considered reasonable. In situations where the rented property is for sale, special rules apply. The 24 hour notice of entry may be given orally either in person or by telephone. However before oral notice can be given, the landlord must first have notified the tenant in writing that the rental is for sale and the landlord may contact the tenant orally to arrange a showing. This notice must be given to the tenant within 120 days of the oral notice. When the landlord enters, s/he must leave written evidence of entry, such as a business card. The landlord can’t abuse the right of entry allowed by law or use the right to harass the tenant. If the landlord violates the rules, talk to him/her about your concerns. If you don’t succeed in stopping the illegal entry, send the landlord a formal letter asking him/her to observe the access rules stated here. If the landlord continues to violate the rules, you can talk to an attorney or file a suit in small claims court. For more information, visit our website at