Recently I received a call from a prospective tenant inquiring about a particular property that
was available for rent. Shortly into our conversation, the woman realized she was speaking
to a professional property management company. Upon making this realization she quickly
said “I won’t work with a property management company” and hung up abruptly before I had
the opportunity to ask why. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider working
with a property manager when looking for your next home.

Property managers can help tenants in finding their next home and anticipate their future
needs. Property managers typically know the neighborhoods in which they manage. They
are able to provide information such as local schools, available shopping, and access
to local services. Recently out of state Amazon executives came to Stanislaus County
to find homes prior to relocating. Property Manager’s knowledge of local housing could
have saved some of these individuals number of house hunting hours. Spending time
with people to know their needs and lifestyles could have helped direct them to areas that
would best fit their needs. One such young couple indicated that they would prefer to be
close to restaurants and nightlife that is relatively close to their home and not necessarily
to their work. They could have considered Modesto or Turlock as options versus renting in
Patterson which was the ideal choice for a family that wanted to live in a small town without
too many distractions.

When screening tenants, most property managers conduct complete background checks
which include criminal background checks. This is done to help create a safe community
for everyone. Of course there are databases available that show where sex offenders live.
However, property managers are able to search more than just sex offender databases.
They can find out whether someone has been convicted of breaking and entering. Knowing
everyone in a community has undergone the same background check will provide additional
ease of mind for tenants.

When tenants move out, they typically have to provide a thirty day written notice to their
property managers. Good PM’s that keep in touch with their tenants know when a particular
family is considering moving because of their changing needs. They will first market their
upcoming available inventory to their current tenants with good standing. Then they will
market the upcoming inventory to others. Working and developing a relationship with a
property manager could mean that tenants can get the house they are looking for without
doing all the leg work.

If you are looking for a professional property management company that can bridge your
needs, wants and opportunities, give New Bridge Management a call at 209-668-6700. We
serve all of Stanislaus County.