July and August are hot summer months, typically reserved for vacationing. These are also hot months when energy usage is high. High energy usage translates to high costs. As renters and  property owners we are always looking for ways to conserve energy and cost. Here are a few tips to help on energy consumption.
1. Get on a time of rate use. Check your electricity rate options to see if paying based on when you use electricity is best for you.
2. Use larger appliances at night. This reduces the stress on the grid.

3. Wash a full load when it comes to doing the laundry and dishes. It is better to run a full load once rather than several smaller loads. This saves not only energy but also water. The current drought conditions have made water a precious commodity. 4. Adjust the refrigerator’s temperature. Try setting it between 32-39 degrees. The colder the fridge, the more energy it uses.


Electronics have become part of our daily lives. Here are a few tips when it comes to electronics.
1. When buying new equipment consider Energy Star electronics. Appliances and TV’s with the Energy Star rating typically use 40% less energy. Also regular TV’s still use energy when turned off.
2. Unplug fully charged devices. Energy is still being used when a battery is fully charged. Leaving the cord plugged also uses energy even when a device is not connected. 3. When buying a new computer, consider a laptop rather than a desktop.


Growing up we were all told to turn off the lights when we leave a room. But there are more ways to save when it comes to lighting.
1. Use LED lights when it comes to decorations and whenever you change out a light bulb.
2. Harness the power of the sun. When purchasing outdoor lights, buy solar powered lights.
3. When installing outdoor lights, motion detector lights are a great option. They come on when there is motion, using energy when needed. They also provide added security alerting you when someone comes close.


Water conservation is more important now than ever.
1. An easy way to reduce water usage in the bathrooms without replacing toilets is putting small water bottles filled with rocks in the tank. Place the bottle away from the mechanism to prevent damage or running water.
2. Turn off water when brushing teeth and fill the sink when shaving.
3. Set the lawn mower blade one notch higher. Longer grass blades help keep moisture in the ground by reducing evaporation. For these and other helpful tips visit
www.newbridgemanagement.com/blog and click on https://www.progress-energy.com/carolinas/home/save-energy-money/energy-saving-tips-calculators/100-tips.page?