So you want to move… How do you select where to rent?  Here are a few tips to consider when making a list of neighborhoods to target.  First and foremost, decide why you are looking to rent and then consider your personal and life style. It is important to know whether the next place you rent is going to be a transitional space until you start the next chapter in your life or it is going to be a place where you are looking to set roots. Just as important is knowing your personal and life style.  If you like old world charm and are constantly entertaining, then looking at modern lofts and small apartments may be a waste of time.  Next consider how the community and the targeted neighborhood can meet your needs in terms of services and amenities offered.  For example parks and good school districts may not be high on your list now instead restaurants and entertainment within walking distance might be more important.  Next contact the police department to gather crime statistic.  Safety is of utmost importance.  Knowing whether crime rate is high in a particular area may deter you from moving there.  Then case the joint.  Spending time at different times of the day in a neighborhood will give you an idea about the neighborhood vibe.  Driving by and walking in the neighborhood during the weekend will help you get a better understanding of the area’s composition.  If you have a young family and would like to live close to other families with kids, weekends are generally a good time to see people mulling out and about their homes.  This will also provide the opportunity to talk to the neighbors and collect insight that would otherwise not be readily available.  It goes without saying that talking to a professional property manager can be extremely helpful.  Property managers that handle multiple properties can be very helpful in steering you in the right direction. 

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