When it comes to rental advertising, there are a few specific things that you want to do when listing your property on the market. Today, we’re sharing some of the information we use as a professional Modesto and Patterson area property management company when we’re advertising homes for our clients.

Pictures Are Essential

Take lots of pictures for any type of advertising you’re doing. People like to look at pictures because they want to be vested in the property and see where they’re going to be living. So when you’re creating your ad for any medium, use lots of great pictures. Include shots of the kitchen, bedrooms, and the front and back yards. You can photograph the bathrooms too, but remember to keep the toilet seats down and the lids covered. If you’re using your phone to take pictures, make sure it’s in portrait mode. Most people use their phones or mobile devices when looking at listings, and portrait looks better. The property also needs to be clean. The smallest thing in a picture looks big when zoomed in. Keep the property super-clean.

Use Detail in Ads

Include as much detail in your ads as possible. List the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the square footage. People look at these things when they’re searching for property, and it gives them an idea of how big or small the home is. When you’re describing a small house, use words like “charming” or “quaint” instead of “small.” That gives it a warm and cozy feeling instead of a cramped feeling. Mention if your property is pet friendly, and list the rent amount and the required security deposit. If there’s a pet deposit, be sure to include that in your advertisement. Your ad should also say whether you will accept Section 8. Always avoid discriminatory language. You can’t say that the property is for families only or professionals only. Keep your ad clean and stick to the facts.

For Rent Signs

I don’t like For Rent signs, but that’s a personal preference. Many property management companies in Modesto, Patterson and the surrounding Stanislaus county areas use them, and if you want to advertise in a particular neighborhood, signs are a good idea. Leave the windows open and the lights on in the home when you’re advertising it for rent, in case people drive by. They won’t want to see a dark house with the blinds drawn.

Saturate Your Market

Finally, saturate the market when you’re doing your rental advertising. Craigslist is one of the most popular sites renters use, but there are Adrian Harrell - Senior Property Manager photoothers like Zillow and Trulia that are also effective. We advertise on our website, and it syndicates to 20 other websites. That gives us a lot of exposure and helps us find the best tenant for your property.

If you need help with Modesto or Patterson area property management, please contact us at New Bridge Management. We’d be happy to help you with your rental advertising or answer any questions you might have.