Rental properties need to be rent-ready, which means they need to be ready for a tenant to move in. There are a number of things you should consider when getting your property ready for the next tenant who will make your house their home.

How to Rent my House Out: Maintenance and Repairs

Make sure repairs and maintenance have been completed. Whatever needs to be taken care of at the property should already be completed before your tenant takes possession. If light fixtures are dangling from the ceiling, fix and attach them. If there’s ripped linoleum on the floors, repair it. Service the garbage disposal if it’s not working.

Renting Out My House: Landscaping

Don’t forget the yard! Most people forget that the landscaping needs to look good before you put the property on the rental market.The front and back yards should be manicured. When you’re showing the property to a prospective tenant, the first impression is key. Renters will decide if they’re going to take the property or not before they even go inside. So, maintaining the yard is another important step in getting your property rent-ready.

Setting Expectations with Tenants

When a tenant is ready to move in, be sure to set expectations. You can do this by setting up an inspection for when the tenant will take possession of the property. When you meet the tenant at the property to hand over the keys, make a note of the property’s condition. This tells the tenants that you know what the property looks like currently, and you expect it to look the same way when they move out, minus some wear and tear.

A checklist and a pen in a circular iconMove out inspections are also important, and make sure the rent and security deposit are collected before your tenant moves in.

These are some of the things to consider when you’re getting the property rent-ready. If you have any questions about Patterson property management, please contact New Bridge Management.