To properly move a tenant out of your rental property, you need to have conducted a thorough move-in inspection at the beginning of the lease. Then, you can compare that to the move-out inspection, which you’ll do after walking through the property with your tenant.

Pre-Move Out Inspection

Schedule a time with your tenant to go over your pre-inspection moving out checklist. Go to the property and let your tenant know how you expect the property to look after they move out. The outcome will tell the tenants what they need to know, and will help you determine any type of substantial changes that have been made to the property. You’ll also know what kind of maintenance will be required to fix the property and get it back on the rental market.

Communicating with Your Tenants

While you’re at the property, you may notice that the carpet needs to be changed or new laminate flooring needs to be put in. Maybe you’ll feel that the walls need to be painted or the appliances replaced. Talk about these things with your tenant. Review what you find during the inspection, and share the notes that you make, comparing the condition of the home at the end of the lease to the condition of the home at the beginning of the lease.

Document Inspections

An image of a checklist with a pen on top of itTake a lot of pictures. This way, tenants will be clear, and when it’s time to give back their security deposit, they will know exactly what has been deducted and why. Providing the incentive of a full security deposit return targets cleaner tenants and makes it more likely your property will be returned to you in excellent condition.

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