No matter how much you plan, moving is never easy and it’s often chaotic. Here are some helpful
tips. Although many receive their credit card, bank and other statements online, some items are still
delivered via the post office. When planning a move, always notify the post office of your upcoming
move. Sometimes it takes up to two weeks for an address change to become effective. Even then
letters are delivered to the old address. Therefore, two weeks before moving submit an address
change either at the local post office or online at Also, place a note in
the mailbox notifying the mail carrier the property will be vacant effective the last day of residence.
This will notify the carrier to hold any mail and return it to the post office.

Another way of ensuring
the receipt of timely statements is to notify creditors of the address change prior to the move. This
will ensure the timely receipt of important documents and it will prevent scammers and thieves from
getting their hands on important documents.

Call all the utility companies to schedule the shut off at the old residence and turning on of the utilities
at the new address. If moving to a new city, ask the new utility company if a letter of reference from
the previous utility company could serve as credit reference so no additional deposit may be required.
Always allow some overlap at each location when switching utilities just in case additional cleaning is

When it comes to packing, label boxes properly but don’t be too specific. For example it is easy to label
a box CD’s or books but a better label would be office, master bedroom or kitchen. When it comes to
labeling boxes the location of the contents in your new home will make moving easier because boxes
can be delivered to the right location. Once unpacking begins, immediately breakdown the boxes and
dispose of them. Nothing says new residents like empty boxes stacked outside the home. Be aware
of new surroundings. Do not leave anything unattended even momentarily. While it may not seem
like a long time to take a box inside and walk back out to fetch another that is just the right amount of
time for someone to help themselves to one of the unattended boxes.

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