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Some property managers are content to collect rent, find tenants, and call it a day. We go further than that because we care about your investment and we’re committed to your goals.

Part of our Modesto property management services is a plan to protect your investment and your bottom line. We understand the local Modesto rental market and the needs of tenants. Our experience has taught us that things are always changing, from rental values to laws to properties themselves. Staying up to date isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

When we talk about protecting your rental property, we’re talking about high quality tenants, preventative maintenance, and routine inspections that lead to better lease enforcement and higher property values.

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Preventative Maintenance Protects Your Asset

Preventative maintenance is important in protecting the condition and value of your Modesto investment property, and it also keeps your long term repair costs down. We’ve been managing rental properties for a long time, and one thing we’ve noticed is that repair work never gets cheaper or easier with time.

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Our preventative maintenance plans focus on health and safety, leaks and plumbing, and Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services.

Your rental property’s heating and cooling system works hard. In Modesto, we have periods of high heat and cold winter days. Since the HVAC system is one of the most expensive functions in your property, we want to make sure it’s running as efficiently and effectively as it can. Preventative maintenance is critical, and we have qualified technicians to clean, inspect, and service your HVAC.

Plumbing can also add up to major expenses if you’re not paying attention to water entering the home. We inspect water heaters and we test for rust and corrosion. We pay attention to minor leaks that are showing up under sinks and dripping faucets.

We look for any issues that may put the tenant or your property at risk. Preventing problems before they start is a major part of protecting your investment home.


Protecting rental homes in the Wycliffe, Park Manor, and other Modesto neighborhoods.


Better Tenants Bring Better Property Results

Better investment experiences come with better tenants. If you have a resident who cares about your home and wants to help take care of it, you’re going to save money and have a better rental experience. We seek those tenants out.

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Our many years of managing Modesto rental properties have given us some good ideas about how to look for tenants. We want all the typical boxes to be checked – verifiable income, good rental history, and satisfactory credit. Protecting your property, however, means creating a relationship with tenants. We want this to be a cooperative and respectful partnership where all of us are working together.

It helps that we’re responsive and accessible. Tenants can feel good about reaching out to us when there’s a problem or they have a question. We make sure they’re empowered with information and education when they move in. The tenants we place in your property aren’t going to put off making maintenance requests. They aren’t going to let small problems grow worse. They’re going to be responsive and helpful.


Protecting rental homes in Ashwood, Park Manor, and other Modesto Neighborhoods.


Routine Walk-Through Inspections for Maintenance and Lease Issues

The California rental laws make it difficult, if not impossible, to walk into a rental property when it’s occupied by residents. We conduct annual maintenance walk-throughs to ensure filters are being changed and the home is in good condition. This benefits the residents and it ensures the condition of your home is protected.

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We give our tenants plenty of written notice, and this walk-through is never a surprise. They know to expect it because we discuss it during the lease signing. When we’re in the house, we’re getting a general sense of things, and we’re also looking for specifics like:

  • Deferred or unreported maintenance issues.

  • Lease violations, specifically pets or smoking or extra residents.

  • Health and safety issues leading to habitability concerns.

  • Check-in with the tenant to make sure everything is going well.

This walk-through is in addition to our detailed and professional inspections before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out. Maintenance emergencies and surprises are infrequent because we’re always keeping an eye on your investment.


Serving Modesto owners in 95313, 95351, 95353, 95355, 95357, 95397, 95350, 95352, 95354, 95356, and 95358.

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Jan 18, 2021
New Bridge Management Marlo
Nice and easy move in
Jan 17, 2021
New Bridge Management Marian
I had initially wanted the tree closest to the street to be trimmed as well - when it has it's leaves it drips a tremendous amount of incredibly sticky sap onto the street and the sidewalk and I was hoping that could be tended as well as the trees in the patio between this property and the neighbors. However, the folks that came did an excellent job on the trees between the this property and the neighbors house and were quick, efficient, polite, and really great to work with and I was impressed with their work.
Jan 15, 2021
Google New Bridge Management Santana
Adrian & her team are a good fit for us. They take care of everything at a great value and show professionalism to our tenants. Thank you team.
Jan 14, 2021
New Bridge Management Amelita
We are 100% satisfied with your services to us.
Jan 9, 2021
New Bridge Management Stephanie
We’re very prompt and fixed it right away. Very happy with my service

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